"I am just blown away by the level of authenticity and depth of the music….” - J.W. Cortes, Iraq Veteran, Marine Corps 

 "Absolutely wonderful." - Everett Cox, Vietnam Veteran, Army 

 "Completely new, different, wonderful, relevant and correct." - Michael Varadi, Kuwait and Somalia Veteran, Marine Corps 

 "The book is spot-on...and the music gets me every time I hear it."- Adrienne Brammer, Iraq & Afghanistan Veteran, Air Force 

 "Extremely funny and entertaining but also grasps at the heart strings of our military families..." - Neil Cutshaw, Afghanistan Veteran, Army 

 "Captures the subtle and complex innuendos of the tragedy that is war in a unique way that resonates with you long after you leave the theater." - James A Moad II, Air Force